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Creating and growing wealth is one thing while measuring the growth and quantifying its time is another. At Adams Acres we have the knowledge, experience, skill and tools to measure and quantify the growth of your wealth through best practices and applicable valuation/appraisal techniques.

Adams Acres has and has partnered with valuers who have a wide range of skills, expertise and experience in the local market, and who work with international best practices to deliver reliable results.

Our Valuation department is equipped to handle residential and commercial real estate such as apartments, bungalows, open vacant land, condominiums, stand-alone single family homes, office complexes, retail and mixed-use developments, satellite city projects, plant and machinery, industrial property, hotels/ hospitality properties, and much more.

Our valuation services can be positioned in a range of scenarios such as:

– Valuation for mortgage
– Pricing
– Sale and purchase of real estate
– Rental assessment
– Insurance
– Accounting and asset management

The Regional Office, Our Offices and Agents work with Land Survey, Agency, Property Management and Advisory partners in order to be able to offer additional specialist services and advice for all your real estate needs.