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Adams Acres Investment Trust

Real Estate Investment Trust manages “real estate stock.” Essentially, REIT own and manage a portfolio of real estate properties and mortgages. Anyone can buy shares/invest in REIT. We offer the benefits of real estate ownership in Africa without the headaches or expense of being a landlord.

REIT provides the important advantages of liquidity and diversity. Unlike actual real estate property, these shares can be quickly and easily sold. And because you’re investing in a portfolio of properties rather than a single building, you face less financial risk.

REIT believes smaller investors should also be able to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. REIT determined that the best way to do this was the follow the model of investing in bulk through the purchase of equity.

  • REIT is managed by a board of directors
  • Offer fully transferable shares
  • Will have at least 100 shareholders by December 2019
  • Pay dividends of the taxable income
  • REIT holds 75 percent of total investment assets in real estate
  • REIT derives at least 75 percent of gross income from rents ,mortgage interest and Land

“You can buy all the cars you want, all the jewelry you want, but God is not making any more land. Buy Land! ” TAT

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Adams Acres has been investing in Multi-Family / Multi-Tenant Real Estate since 2010.

We have been investing in Real Estate diligently and successfully navigating through good and bad markets. With over 45 transactions in 8 regions including Mombasa, Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Thika, Athi River and Malindi , with a proven track record.

Adams Acres has demonstrated years of disciplined philosophy focused on income producing affordable housing in tertiary markets. These markets are often overlooked by large funds due to some barriers of entry. There are also value-add opportunities providing the management team the possibility to increase income and monthly cash-on-cash returns while improving the long-term value of property.

All property selection goes through a systematic four stage due diligence process led by managment team, a team of internal staff and underwriters we have been working with for years.


A constant flow of deals is sent to managment team each week for review.
Property is then selected by management from a subjective and objective evaluation.
Property is then underwritten by management and internal team to very conservative cash on cash expectations based on worse case scenarios.
The deal is then sent to an external underwriter who does an independent UW using very conservative standards and worse case scenarios.
The deal is then either pursued or discarded. At which point a deal is selected. Adams Acres then moves very fast to close the transaction. As a Preferred Lender with Most Kenyan banks and our own pool of investments funds our team has access to some of the best financing terms available.

Adams Acres currently controls almost 70 units ( office units, land, multi – family aparments ) in Kenya and looking to expand to 500 units over the next twenty-four months.